Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Seven Word Description: An Invitation

The New York Times "Well Blog" held a contest in January soliciting Seven Words of Wisdom, and the results were interesting and thought provoking. It was based on author Michael Pollan's (In Defense of Food) seven-word edict: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." These are a couple of the winning submissions:

"Make promises. Don't break them. Find loopholes."
"Enter contests. Don't ignore rules. Try again."

and the winner was:

"Ate plants. A big heap. Still hungry."

I thought it would be fun for us Wilderness Volunteers to come up with our own seven-words (2-3-2) about doing a WV project. We'll start this blog with a contest. These are the rules:

Describe trips. Tell a story. Have fun.


Start writing. Post your comment. Seven words.

The winner will receive a limited-edition stainless carabiner mug with the WV logo. Contest ends November 31st.

My try:

Get outside. Have an adventure. Get dirty.


Wilderness Volunteers said...

If we don't recognize your name, you must send an email to Wilderness Volunteers with contact information if you want to be able to receive the prize.


Pounded rocks. Got sore muscles. Now buff.

recycler said...

Waded Escalante. Stepped in quicksand. Sank slowly.

john said...

Russians invaded.
Natives are threatened.
Kill olives.

john said...

Subbed toe.
Rebuilt the trail.
Harmony restored.

hathaway said...

birds bees
ticks on knees
holy geez

steve said...

Built trails. Left no trace. But friends.

Cap'n Greg said...

New Friends
Help their Mother
Wilderness Volunteers

billo said...

New Hampshire.
Lots of rain.
Oil me.

Mike said...

Swing Pulaski. For five days. Find peace.

Mike said...

Swing Pulaskis. Climb tall mountains. Give back.

Mike said...

Ahhh sleep...zippers go ziiiiipp!...everyone listens.

Anonymous said...

Starry nights,
Wire rolled tight,
Epicurian delights

utwvdave said...

Early rise
Exercise heart mind
Early set

Pam said...

Explored canyon. Miles and blisters.
Anasazi laughter.

Don said...

Sign up. Do the work. Make friends.

Anonymous said...

Put on your boots, pull those roots!

Norm said...

Signed up. Worked like hell. Felt good.

Wilderness Volunteers said...

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry! The winner of this contest is Capt'n Greg with his seven words:

New Friends
Help their Mother
Wilderness Volunteers

I have a stainless steel caribiner mug with the WV logo on it for you -- send me an email at Wilderness Volunteers with your address. If anyone else knows who Capt'n Greg is, let us know!