Thursday, July 30, 2009

25 Best IPhone Apps for Outdoors

I love my iPhone. I take it on every trip, even if there is no cell service. I load a few movies and a couple of books and I'm good to go. It's lighter then a paperback book, will hold enough music for a long trip and, if I plan on being out more than a day all I need is some extra power. Some may cringe at the invasion of technology into the great outdoors, but I have never been one to be able to fall asleep at dusk and have anything close to a good nights sleep, so having something to occupy a few hours until I'm really tired is great.
But the fact is, the iPhone has many other great Apps for the outdoor enthusiast, with more on the way all the time. Over on the Adventure Life Blog, they have put together a good list of Apps that should appeal to those of us who like to frequent nature and keep our Precious close at hand. I would personally have included Stanza(iTunes), as I have found nothing helps me fall asleep in a tent as well as reading a few pages of obscure 19th Century dime store Western novels.

25 best iPhone Apps for outdoors (via the Adventure Life)



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