Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Photo from the Field: Pinnacles National Park by Ulrich Boegli

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, this week's photo from the field is of wild turkeys found at Pinnacles National Park. This photo was taken by Ulrich Boegli when visiting the Park a few months in advance of the Wilderness Volunteers' service project he would join in spring 2013. These native turkeys are regularly seen and heard from the Park's campground.

While WV's 2014 service project in Pinnacles is full, opportunities remain to sign up for spring service projects in other fantastic wilderness areas around the country.

From all of us at Wilderness Volunteers, thanks for all of your efforts giving something back this year! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Unknown said...

Thanksgiving greetings from Yosemite! FYI, like pheasants, wild turkeys are not native to Calif. They were first introduced here in 1908 by CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (then Fish and Game) because of their appeal as a game bird.
However, they are native to North America.

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon G.